Friday, April 1, 2011

Life Is Better

Spring also means an abundance of animals that need homes.  We have become the official Urban Homestead division of the new Life is Better Animal Rescue.  We take in animals that fit in with our Urban Farm, like rabbits, hamsters, and pinny gigs... I mean guinea pigs.  We picked up two guinea pigs last night from Georgia Cameron, the founder of Life is Better Rescue.  She had sprung them from death row at the Municipal Animal Shelter and handed them off to us.  Our daughter is having a blast with them!  We will be fostering them for a little while and then they will be up for adoption.

While we were there, we also met the newest special needs puppy, Tinkerbelle. This little dachshund is pure white and is deaf and blind.  She has no eyeballs.  What is horrifying is that she was bred this way on purpose.  In attempting to get pure white dachshunds that are highly prized and very expensive, one has to breed in a way that is totally against nature.  I can't explain the scientific stuff but what it means to the dogs is that many of the puppies will be born blind and deaf.  Those are culled from the litter and the perfect white healthy pups are sold.  Culled is another way of saying they are killed.  It's just plain stupid.  

I am grateful to be involved with a rescue group that will take care of these special needs animals.  As we were visiting, Georgia's partner, Chris, came in to warn us that Mugsy, his blind boxer, was coming in.  All hands on deck and clear the pathway!  Suddenly, a small black and white boxer came running in at full speed.  He knows where he's going.  He's at home.  If we're in his way, that's our problem.

As complicated as spring can be with the animals, I wouldn't have it any other way.  They are a lot of work, to be sure, but the entertainment value is priceless.

She will be a foster puppy for awhile before she is able to be adopted.  
Check with the website for more details.       


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