Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pee Pads are for Puppies least this seems to be Bennie's impression. At seven months old, Bennie is the senior pup in the house and much wiser than those tiny bits of fluff and claws (and now teeth) we brought home two months ago. He knows if one is going to pee in the house, one chooses an out of the way corner of the good carpet or the blanket that was just washed and dried two hours ago.

He's actually doing fairly well with the house breaking. This morning, he even went out in the rain to do his business rather than lower himself to using the pee pad. It was the first time he's ever ventured outside while it was raining. 

When we raised Bennie and his brothers, it was like having quadruplets; the sibs all played together and developed at the same rate. This time, it's more like having a three-year-old and twin babies... twin babies who happen to be very different sizes. 

Bennie has been our helper from the beginning.

 He was the official face cleaner after every meal.

And very patiently cuddled with tiny Mei Mei when she was sleepy.

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