Thursday, December 8, 2011

These Gardening Boots should last awhile!

After looking all over the place for a good pair of backyard muck boots, I ran across these at our local ARC Thrift Store.  They were brand new, with tags attached and cardboard still inside each boot.

Steel toes, shin guards, thick insulated rubber,
Thorogood Hellfire Structural and Hazmat
real honest to goodness Firefighter boots!

Okay, Napoleon and Gussie, let's see you try attacking my feet and legs now!

ARC Thrift Store price:  $9.99/pair 
I got a pair for Emma, too.
Online price (Anclote Fire and Safety):  $249.00/pair

They even come with a one year warranty, though it only covers normal firefighting use. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Muck-y Boots

You know it's time to replace your backyard boots when you have more invested in the duct tape you are using to hold them together than in the boots themselves. I didn't buy the designer duct tape, either.  In case you don't know, you can now buy duct tape in various colors and patterns, including pink polka dot, zebra stripes, skull and crossbones, and purple paisley.  My duct tape is the standard silver stuff that everyone has in their garage.  
When I put on my knee high, plaid, Target clearance rack, two-year-old, $6.00 boots this morning, I noticed that the tears on the sides had gotten a little longer.  There were a few new ones as well.  This meant I had to change my wet socks as soon as I was finished with my outdoor chores.  It was cold this morning, too; in the single digits.  Though I hate to admit it, the old plaid boots would have to go.  After two years of being worn daily by me and my daughter, they are worn out.  

I figured it would be easy to find a replacement pair.  I went back to Target and went to their garden section only to find out that it had been replaced by the snow shovel and fake Christmas tree section.  Maybe it's time for plan B.

I decided to look online.   I found a cute little pair of green boots for $7.99.  They fit over your shoes like the old galoshes.  Upon close inspection of the reviews, however, I learned that they tear easily.  "Buy several pair!" one reviewer exclaimed, "They're cheap!"  I wondered if they came with a roll of duct tape.  On the other end of the spectrum were the Burberry rain boots, offered at $375.00 at Saks Fifth Ave.  I don't think those were meant to be worn while cleaning out the chicken house.  

Between these two extremes were many pairs of boots labeled rain boots, garden boots, farm boots, and one with the brand name of "Muck" boots.  I looked at the last one closely as the name clearly described the purpose for which my new boots would be worn.  However, at an average of $100.00 per pair, I didn't think I'd feel comfortable wearing them in the muck.  Out to dinner, maybe, but not in the chicken yard.

Hmm... I'll probably go with something decent but inexpensive, like the boots in the Vermont Country Store catalog.  It's either that or the designer duct tape.