Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas Puppies

Bert and Ernie joined us right after Halloween. Ernie went to his forever home just before Christmas and Bert, just after Christmas. They came to the rescue with mange, something I wasn't prepared to deal with, so they stayed at the care center for the first couple of weeks. Our last pups had just left and we had been puppy free since the middle of August. I wasn't ready for more

Then the email came. Three dogs needed foster homes. A tiny six year old chihuahua and two twelve week old Maltese mix puppies. After checking with the powers that be in the house (my husband, who said, "it's up to you" and my daughter who said, "when?!"), I wrote back and said we could take either the chihuahua or the puppies. I was kind of hoping for the chihuahua.

We got the puppies. At about 2 and 3 lbs, they were tiny fluffy white and cuter than cute. There is something unreal about Maltese puppies. The way they cock their head, the way they bounce around the house, the way they curl up on our laps; they look like stuffed animal toys come to life.

They had finished the medication for their mange, though they were still on antibiotics for secondary infections. Their fur was thin and Ernie had bare spots and scabs. They smelled awful. They needed regular baths with medicated shampoo, We bathed them daily for the first month. Ernie needed to wear a sweater or jacket to protect his delicate skin, And they both needed to play.

Ernie decided he liked to help me with my knitting. It made it a challenge to finish those slippers, but he looked awfully cute. It's amazing what you can get away with when you're a cute puppy.

Bennie didn't quite know what to make of the puppies at first, but he eventually warmed up to them and took on the task of keeping them busy. Or was it the puppies keeping Bennie busy? 

The pups were guests of honor at the Santa Speedo Dash in northwest Denver. Emma is holding Ernie here because Bert met his forever mom and they spent the whole time getting to know each other. Bert came back with us and spent the holidays at our house.

Our grandchildren gave Bert a bath on his going home day. He was one clean puppy!

We're without puppies now and Bennie is an only dog again. It's nice to not have to worry about trying to house break wee ones and nice to sleep in. I think we'll be taking a break from having fosters for awhile.