Friday, July 31, 2015

Yahtzee Golf – Reinhart version 101

The goal is to score the lowest number of points.

On the first roll, the player will decide what they are going for (1s, 2s, full house, etc) - though they can change their mind if they get a better combination on a subsequent roll.

The player must then roll the dice until they get at least three of the number (if working on the top half) or the combination they are going for (full house, large straight, etc).

The score will be the number of rolls.

After the first player gets their combination, the next player begins.

The last play will be for chance. On this turn, the player only rolls 3 times, trying to get the lowest score they can.

Scoring bonus points – If a player receives more than 18 points for the top half of the score card, they will add 5 points to their score.

The fun part of this version (invented by Emma and me) is everyone gets a Yahtzee and you don't ever have to zero out anything. The downside? I've lost every game.