Saturday, April 28, 2018

My Shadow Pup

The wee beastie needed a foster home. Something about his photo made me email and say we'd take him. He's tiny. He's cute. He had hair that was begging for either some hair gel or a collar with spikes. He had short hair all over except for a long Mohawk which extended from the top of his head all the way down his back. It was a totally different texture, too, kind of like a horse's mane. We're almost positive he's part Chinese Crested. 

Clyde won our hearts by asserting himself and letting us know he was going to win us over. What could be more lovable than a pooch who comes to get you to show you he pooped in the hallway. "See, foster mama? There it is. If you don't want to clean it up, I'll happily eat it."

Thankfully, pooping in the house was one of his few bad habits. He followed me or Chris around all the time, sometimes leaping up so high, I could catch him in mid air. Occasionally he would get really excited as he followed me and he'd leap up and nip my bum. He was trying to be affectionate. 

Yeah, sometimes he could be a wee bit annoying, but then he'd curl up next to one of us and be so calm and so sweet. He was also easy to forgive. He and Bennie got along beautifully. 

I'm glad Clyde was with us for awhile as we were able to work with him on house training, sitting on command, staying when we opened the front door, and "you can't come in until you pee and poop. No, I didn't mean eat the poop!" I think it was my tone of voice which caused him to drop what he was planning on having for snack. By the time he was adopted, the bad habits were starting to fade away. With some work and a lot of love and attention, he'll be a fantastic wee pet. I already miss him.

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