Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Puppy that Meowed

"Oh, what a cute puppy!" my dad exclaimed. He loves animals, especially dogs, and loves it when we bring our wee fosters to visit with him. This time, however, it wasn't a puppy. Curly is our first foster orphan kitty. Dad couldn't remember this detail, however many times he was reminded.

"IT'S A KITTEN!" Mom shouted at him from across the room.

"Huh?" replied Dad, cupping his hand around his ear. He had hearing aids, but kept losing them. Now he has an amplifier. We speak into it and he can hear through the ear buds. Theoretically. If he'd keep it turned on. Most of the time it's off and when I reach over and turn it on, he jumps. I don't think he really wants to hear.

We're all getting used to having an orphan kitty to raise. Bennie has warmed up somewhat, jumping up to give her a quick lick as we're feeding her. Cricket is miffed. How dare we let that thing in the house!

Cricket, if you remember, was mama to the 5 adorable pups we fostered in July. The pups entertained us for 3 weeks before they were all adopted within 3 hours at an adoption event. We had already decided that Cricket was staying with us. She was fiercely loyal to me and followed me everywhere. She and Bennie got along well. She is quiet and easy going. Except when she sees a squirrel.

When we let her outside, she will stand on the porch and stare at the apple tree. She knows they are there. Before I notice anything, she'll suddenly run and jump right into the crotch of the tree. The squirrels dash off quickly. I suspect she thinks Curly is a baby squirrel. Cricket is now spending most of her time outside, guarding the back door. She's not taking any chances of having any more squirrels come in the house.

Curly, meanwhile, is growing bigger and stronger. And, miracle of miracles, she's pooping. Only foster parents of orphaned animals can understand why we get excited about this. Won't last long, of course, but we're still in the excitement phase. We know how quickly these little animals grow, so we savor this time as best we can.

We've got a new development as of today. Bennie has decided the kitten is his. He cleans the little one thoroughly when she wakes up and does the job of making sure Curly poops. He also cleans up after her.

For those of you picturing Bennie with a tiny wash cloth in his mouth.. go with it.

Okay, so now that Bennie has claimed the kitty, Suddenly Cricket is interested. Bennie was having none of it. I know he was telling her, "I said it was a puppy, but you didn't listen."

Cricket looked doubtful, but curious. If Bennie has something, she automatically wants it. Curly said, "Meow". Bennie smiled and cleaned Curly all over again.

We went back to Mom and Dad's apartment last night to have pizza and ice cream and cake for dad's birthday. Dad was mildly interested in the food, but he was more interested in our animals.

"How's the little puppy?" he asked.

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